First to get concrete soil

Leaside is the first in Toronto to get pervious concrete ground cover to protect new trees planted on Bayview.

That’s what those spray-painted symbols on the black patches along Bayview are about. It’s not graffiti. The paint indicates underground utilities in preparation for tree planting this summer.

You may remember the stone planters that used to hold small trees and plants on Bayview. The roots outgrew the planters and in the heat of the summer the soil became too dry.

“So we went for the idea of planting right in the ground surrounded by this new ground cover material so the trees will thrive,” says Councillor John Parker. “The material is an excellent green solution for the management of storm water because it captures it and uses it for the trees.”

The system has been used successfully around the world.Pervious concrete allows water

Pervious concrete allows water to pass through it to be stored in the base, the aquifer or the surrounding soil. The top two inches filters out oil, grease, and other particulates. The water is either drawn up by the roots through the trees, or it evaporates through the pavement. All this also helps cool the environment.

A variety of maple trees, apparently “the most mature trees that can be obtained from the city,” were ordered by Parker.