Enjoy the ride!

We’re in the midst of a transformation. Yes, some of the transformation is being driven by the pandemic and the pivots we are all making. But much of the transformation in Leaside is happening organically.

Take Bayview. It would be hard to miss the new mid-rise development rising from the ground on the west side, between Soudan and Hillsdale. It’s the first of a number in what can only be seen as a mid-rise march down Bayview all the way from near Eglinton to just north of Merton. One of these developments will rise on the site of what is currently a much-loved Valu-mart. While there’s no guarantee, we do hear the Valu-mart, or another grocery store, will return to this location as part of the new development. Geoff Kettel offers his unique take on this new mid-rise rush down Bayview in his Saving Old Leaside column.

East of Bayview there is renewed interest in the future and fate of the Leaside Business Park, which offers a unique opportunity for transformation into a thriving live-work neighbourhood in the heart of Toronto. As Business of Leaside columnist Glenn Asano says this issue: “We’re going to need a strategic business plan for the Leaside Business Park. More importantly, if we want to do it right we need resources – both time and money – to build a blueprint for the park’s future that works for all stakeholders.” His preference is to create new jobs with less focus on increasing the number of new residents. The residents are coming already – especially near the new Laird and Brentcliffe Crosstown LRT hubs.

With all the changes taking place, the time seems right to contemplate Leaside’s role in transforming Toronto into a 15-minute city. This concept is sweeping parts of the world, most notably Paris. Imagine living and working in Leaside and being able to meet all of your daily needs by walking or biking – and all within 15 minutes. According to columnist Holly Reid, this is an attainable goal…right now.

Are you ready for your transformation?

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