Election 2018 – All Candidates’ Meeting

All Candidates' Meeting, May 2018, Leaside Arena.
All Candidates’ Meeting, May 2018, Leaside Arena.

It was a full house at Leaside Gardens for the 2018 Don Valley West Provincial All Candidates’ meeting on Wednesday May 23.

The party members present (from left to right) were Peter Milczyn (sitting in for Premier Wynne) Jon Kieran, PC, Amara Possian, NDP, John Kittredge, Libertarian and Morgan Bailey, Green. The moderator was Brian Athey, past president of the Leaside Property Owners Association.

Where does your candidate stand? Leaside Life asked the candidates questions. See their responses here: http://leasidelife.com/election-2018-candidate-questions/