Editor: Ready, set, vote!

Have you heard? There’s an election coming up in a few short weeks. June 2nd, to be precise. And in Don Valley West (that’s you, Leaside!), where it’s set to be a real scorcher, with a very strong slate of candidates vying for a seat at the provincial table.

One of the star contenders, hand-picked by Premier Doug Ford to run for the Progressive Conservatives, is none other than former Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders. In the next little while, you’ll be seeing a lot more of him in the area as he gets to know this riding. (We’ve read that until recently he lived in Etobicoke, but now resides in North York, just a few kms away.)

The rest of the provincial slate is equally impressive, boasting a wealth of deep experience in a variety of fields.

This is expected to be a tight race. The last provincial election was a real squeaker, with former Premier Kathleen Wynne remaining DVW’s MPP, but winning by the slimmest margin – 17,802 votes to PC Jon Kieran’s 17,621. With Wynne now officially bidding politics farewell, Don Valley West is definitely one of the ridings to watch and pivotal to the Conservatives’ hopes to paint the town blue.

That’s why we’re devoting a huge chunk of this issue to the upcoming election, with our racing form on the candidates from a distinctly Leaside perspective.

As a special feature, we’re also highlighting an in-depth interview by Leaside Life contributor and designer Robin Dickie, both in print and online at leasidelife.com, with outgoing MPP Kathleen Wynne, who represented DVW for so many years. As always, the former Premier is candid, thoughtful and heartfelt in her responses. Big shoes to fill!

Enjoy the issue…and get out your vote!

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