Editor: Get ready to vote…again

Are you suffering from voter fatigue? First it was the federal election just over a year ago. Then the provincial election just a few months ago. And now, on October 24, we’re heading to the polls again with a municipal election.

So, I ask again. Are you feeling voter fatigue? I know I am.

But, arguably, this local one is the most important election, since we interact most closely with our municipal representatives. Our councillors and their staff are often only an email or phone call away. They are our go-tos for day-to-day concerns. For this reason, and so many others, this election does count.

Plus, it counts in a way you might not even have considered. As Geoff Kettel points out in this issue: “It was shaping up to be a sleepy election with an incumbent mayor and several incumbent councillors including ours, Jaye Robinson, looking to return. But that changed for me on September 8th, when the Ford government passed Bill 3, otherwise known as the Strong Mayors, Building Homes Act.”

As Geoff adds, we need to find out where our councillors and candidates stand on this legislation. Whose interests will they represent first and foremost? Residents’ or the “strong mayor’s.”

We have other coverage of the municipal election in this issue, as well as stories raising the alarm on the federal government’s proposed redistricting of Leaside into separate ridings.

Meaty issues. Dig in!

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