Editor: Get ready for the big 110!

In just over a month from now, someone is going to celebrate a really big birthday. I’m looking at you, Leaside. On May 7, 1913, the Town of Leaside was incorporated by act of the Ontario Legislature.

Howzit feel to reach the ripe old age of 110? Well, take it from me, you’ve never looked better. The years have certainly been kind. Sure, there have been a few changes in Leaside over the past 110, with many more to come, but they’ve only made you better, stronger, and dare I say, more desirable.

Leaside Life was there when the Town of Leaside turned 100, and we are proud to be here a decade later to help celebrate.

Saving Old Leaside’s own Geoff Kettel, whose columns have appeared in every issue of Leaside Life since our founding, has been spearheading community plans (as he did in 2013) to make Leaside 110 an unforgettable anniversary. He’s written, “Back in July 2022, we asked: ‘Leaside 110 – how do we celebrate?’ We invited Leaside organizations to hold a special event in May 2023 or later. They responded!”

Read on in this issue to learn more about upcoming Leaside 110 events.

Leaside Life will be devoting much of our May issue to important milestones in the town’s history. In the meantime, we invite readers to send in your own Leaside “milestones” for possible publication in our next issue: .

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