Early success for litter program

Signs of early success for Cheryl Vanderburg’s Adopt-A-Park and Leaside clean-up program, announced in Leaside Life in the September issue:

Vanderburg was out of the city for three weeks in September and October, therefore unable to do her usual daily clean-up in Trace Manes Park.

When she returned the park was clean. It’s clear her neighbours have caught her passion.

Vanderburg has also been contacting businesses where she’s found litter problems. Most, she says, have committed to reducing or eliminating the problem once they’ve been made aware of it.

And she recently received an email from a 40-year resident of North Leaside that said, “Just read of your accomplishments in Leaside Life. Maybe it was the damp summer and cool weather or more likely your efforts, but Leaside has never looked better!”

While the Adopt-a-Park program is still in the developmental stage at city hall, Vanderburg would appreciate hearing from you at 416-425-3022, or .