Drop-off ends school danger

Students dashing between cars. Illegal parking. Traffic congestion. Those were daily occurrences at Northlea School until a drop-off for kids program was introduced as a pilot project last June.

It was a success and has gone into full operation for the 2011/12 school year.

Every morning starting at about 8:30 parents start dropping off their children at Northlea between pylons.

Waiting by the curb are orange-vested volunteer parents, and often Principal Kathy Ribeiro is there too.

The volunteers open the car doors while greeting the students, who are escorted by school staff onto the grounds.

It’s fast and safe—some days 40 cars pass through within 20 minutes.

Previously parents parked or stopped illegally.  They often choose convenience over safety, allowing children to dash between parked cars.

Ribeiro is the driving force behind the program. She implemented a similar one at a previous school a few years ago.

“Parents really appreciate this,” says Ribeiro.