Donate a meal to front line Hospital Workers

Would you like to donate meals to front line workers at St. Mike’s Hospital?

Please read on about Freshii’s initiative.

From Celine McMahon, owner of Freshii in Leaside

Our contacts at ST. MIKE’S HOSPITAL have advised us they would very much appreciate food donations for overworked staff and we want to contribute.

We wanted to reach out to the community to see if anyone wants to buy a meal for a front line worker.

How to donate:

Below are our stores links if you would like to donate. Please pick a meal and on the same page as the meal scroll down and find the notes. In the notes put in FRONTLINE WORKERS. You can also call either of our stores if that’s easier for you to donate!

If you can’t donate please consider sharing.

Thank you!!!

Leaside (647) 417-1716

Danforth (437) 317-5469

Between both our locations so far we have over 40 meals donated to our front line workers!!! ??????

We will be doing our first drop off this Wednesday at St. Mike’s Hospital.
It’s not too late donate as we will be doing this weekly for as long as we can.