Children’s Rehab Hospital invites you to big event at Trace Manes

Leaside Block Party!

The exterior of Holland Bloorview.
The exterior of Holland Bloorview.

What do you really know about Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital tucked away on Kilgour Rd. in North Leaside? Maybe your kids took swimming lessons there. Maybe you passed it driving on Bayview. Or maybe you didn’t even know it was there.

The folks at Holland Bloorview want you, and everyone else, to know about the amazing things they are doing to support kids living with disability, medical complexity, illness, and injury. Kids with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), brain injury, cerebral palsy, developmental delay and other unique diagnoses. The hospital serves 7,500 families annually and sees over 1,000 unique diagnoses every year. The hospital is also home to the Bloorview Research Institute, whose innovations, research and evidence-informed care impacts the lives of children and youth around the globe.

To this end they are hosting a block party at Trace Manes on Sat., Oct. 13th, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Offering lots of activities for all families, they want to bring awareness to and break down the barriers of stigma towards children with disabilities. In among the pumpkin patch and sports and games, you’ll be able to play and watch a game of wheelchair basketball or volt hockey. Learn about their amazing music therapy with the ultimate DJ experience. Feast on lunch by the neighbourhood faithful and community champ, Grilltime.

This forward-thinking organization is modern, and designed for kids and their families, and their comfort. It focuses on the clients and most importantly, their families. They serve children and youth, but also provide assistance to the caregivers. They have listened to the kids themselves in developing everything from research, their patient programs and even their marketing campaign. Check out; it’s a powerful message in debunking stereotypes.

The Leaside Block Party will be fun for the whole family and is a chance to help – and raise your awareness. Know a child with ASD or Down syndrome? Or perhaps a kid with a concussion? This holistic and state-of-the-art hospital just might treat someone you love someday. Hopefully not, but be grateful that it is there. To learn more:

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