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Big, BIG buildings The almost $7 billion Eglinton Crosstown project, the 19 km light rail line running from Mount Dennis in the west to Kennedy station in the east, is now well underway. With an …more

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Curious Idler – July 2016

A cardinal and three bishops at funeral mass Thomas Cardinal Collins, three bishops and 26 priests celebrated a funeral mass for Msgr. Edward Boehler at St. Anselm’s Church on June 14. The late pastor spent …more

Matt Damon and Becky White
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Curious Idler – June 2016

Skunk steals the scene from Damon Matt Damon kept a super low profile when dropping by a movieland trailer camp that recently sprang up beside the out-of-the-way Loblaws store on Redway Rd. “Matt drove by …more

St. Anselm's
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Curious Idler – May 2016

Storm sends St. Anselm steeple flapping Powerful winds badly damaged St. Anselm’s towering church steeple – a Leaside landmark – on Easter Monday. Copper plates ominously sprang loose on the 52-year-old spire, and noisily flapped …more