Carol & Dave’s excellent New Year adventure

It’s January, the decorations are back in the closet for another year, and we’ve consumed all the shortbread and egg nog we possibly can.

Now it’s time to get serious about those New Year’s resolutions. You know, the ones where you are going to (fill in the blank): quit smoking, lose weight, drink more water, train for a marathon, find the perfect job, join the local ashram and trek to Nepal….

Leaside Life is very pleased to take you along for the journey of two of our neighbours as they follow their resolution to seek improved health and wellness and lasting changes in their lives long into the New Year and beyond.

Meet David & Carol

David, who has lived in Leaside since 2002, is a 55-year-old actor, writer and filmmaker who is currently head of ACTRA. As a former paramedic, David has seen his fair share of men and women rushed to the hospital with health emergencies. We never think it could happen to us, but it can if we don’t pay close attention to our health. When I asked David about his objectives at the start of this program, he responded with a resounding “staying alive.” And David has a lot to live for. He’s been married 31 years and has two grown daughters. He hopes to keep working another 10 to 12 years and then enjoy retirement with a healthy body and mind. David has had Type 2 diabetes for 15 years and feels that improved physical and mental fitness would prevent further disease and, of course, injury.

Carol is a 45-year-old mother of two boys aged 13 and 10. When she’s not busy with her family, Carol is a physician specialist in post-cancer care. Wondering why a doctor, attuned to the need for a healthy lifestyle, would need to make a resolution to enhance her own health and well-being? As many women know, it’s a constant struggle to maintain weight after having children. This becomes even more challenging when you hit your 40s. A resident of Leaside for the past three years, Carol has had some success with gym memberships in the past, but is really looking for one program that will encompass all areas: physical, mental and emotional. She’s also looking for a lifestyle change that’s local and will work well with her schedule.

Meet their coach

Barry Samuel, owner and personal coach at Inside Out Health & Fitness on Laird Dr., will be working closely with Carol and Dave so they have the best chance to reach their goals. He will begin with an initial consultation that will include goal setting, baseline measurements, nutrition, lifestyle management and a physical fitness plan with a trainer. Barry feels that to achieve success with any plan, you must start from the “inside out.” Improved physical health is a journey of self-discovery, and he wants Carol and Dave to feel as though a “best friend” supports them.

As the saying goes, “Life’s a marathon, not a sprint,” so we will bring you Carol and Dave’s journey over the next several months. We hope this series will inspire you to think about your own health and wellness goals for the year. And by all means, drop us a line to share your experiences. I’m sure we could all use the inspiration.

Here’s to resolutions!

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