Bennington Heights fights plans for new developments

benningtonsmA Bennington Heights community group has formed to fight developers’ plans for densification in their community.

One plan would sever the lot at 21 Evergreen Gardens to build two identical homes.  Another at the corner of Bayview and Evergreen Gardens is for a six-storey condo or three-storey townhomes. And there’s a proposal for a townhouse development at Bayview Heights Dr.

Jennifer Rideout, on Windmill Rd. across from Evergreen Gardens, says, “This is all coming at once. It’s a domino effect. 21 Evergreen was the catalyst. The developer is working with the owner to sever the lot.”

That was months ago and made it past the Committee of Adjustment.

The group, Save Our Bennington, was formed a few months ago. Their signs have appeared on lawns throughout the neighbourhood.

Issues include erosion of character and heritage, densification, loss of green space and increased traffic that would be a danger to children because there are no sidewalks in Bennington Heights, which has a primary school children walk to.

City policy for the area is single family homes on large lots. There are no townhomes or condos.

“ …if these changes are not challenged now, they will set the precedent to change many other parts of Bennington very quickly,” says a new community web site,

The site says about 21 Evergreen, “The Committee of Adjustment granted a land severance without even reference to letters of opposition from ALL local residents.”

Both houses would be 10 percent taller than the existing home and have a larger footprint than allowed by zoning bylaws. Several 40-year-old trees would be destroyed.

There will be an Ontario Municipal Board hearing Oct. 24.