An architectural guide to Leaside house styles – Part II

As a continuation of our House Style series, we are presenting two additional styles that are easy to recognize in different areas of the neighbourhood.

Cape Cod Style house in Leaside.
Cape Cod Style house in Leaside.

Early British settlers originated the Cape Cod Colonial Revival style in New England in the 17th century. They adapted the cottages found in Britain to protect them from the harsh winters in America. Its appeal is based on its simplicity and charm.

Cape Cod: Main characteristics and identifiable features

1. Symmetrical façade design

2. 1 or 1 ½ storeys

3 Centre hall with front entry

4. Pilasters to highlight the entryway

5. Steep gabled roof

6. Gable dormers

7. Chimney located at gable end of the house

8. Double hung sash windows with small multi-panes

9. Shutters

Vernacular Mixed Style Leaside
Vernacular Mixed Style Leaside.

The Vernacular Mixed style is such a prominent type of house in the area that it is hard to understand it has no definitive name. Homebuyers used builders’ catalogues to select their design of a rectangular floorplate and side entrance. They were able to customize their façades with small variations of materials and to add some changes to the roofline covering the porch and bay window. Similar houses can be found with slight modifications.

Vernacular: Main characteristics and identifiable features

1. Side entrance leading to a hall and staircase

2. Bay window

3. Dormer window

4. Timber frame porch with bracket support

5. Braces under gable

6. Stone surrounding front door

7. Leaded glass casement windows (or sash windows with stained glass)

8. Ornate carved wooden bargeboards and painted timbering

9. Blended materials such as brick and stone

We would like to thank those residents who reached out to get more information about the style of their houses and we welcome all inquiries!

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