A litter ditty


I try not to be bitter,

About litterbugs and litter.

But sometime it’s hard,

When I see blatant disregard

And lack of pride,

In our community of Leaside.

Dog poop in the parks,

Empty pop cans in planters.

I ask myself and others, 

Where are Leasiders’ manners?

And cigarette butts abound,

On the sidewalks and ground.

Do smokers not see

How gross these soggy
butts can be?

At times I despair,

When I see litter everywhere!

No matter the weather,

Let’s all work together.

Make your favourite
space greener

Leave our world a
little cleaner

About Cheryl Vanderburg 43 Articles
Cheryl Vanderburg writes the monthly column "Leaside Litterati." She is a local 'plogger' who combines her love of walking with picking up litter. She hopes to inspire all Leasiders to join this newest craze to stay fit and keep our neighborhood green and clean.