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Letters – July 2015

‘Oblivious to hypocrisy’ Save our Leaside? What Leaside? Let’s have a look. A traditional Leaside home comes up for sale. It is scooped up by a developer, torn down, and a large, $1 million+ house …more

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Real Estate

Now semis are the big deal

Semi-detached homes are showing the most interesting figures for the past 12 months in Leaside and Bennington Heights, compared to the previous 12 months. Their sales dropped 32.7 percent to 33 homes, from May 2014 …more

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New buy is an initial flop

May saw the Leaside Stock Index deliver less than stellar performances from both its Canadian and American stocks, leaving very little momentum entering the slower summer months. The cause wasn’t helped by the newly purchased …more