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The Streets of Leaside Name Your Lane Leaside laneway naming: feast or famine?

It is quite strange that while there are five un-named laneways in Leaside, only one is creating a lot of interest. Almost too much, in fact. The lane in question is the one running between Sutherland and Laird between Eglinton and Donlea.

Laneway map of Leaside

In the January issue of Leaside Life, Mohring Lane was proposed, in honour of Rosemary Mohring, a long-time resident of Laird Drive near the lane. Then, letters started to appear suggesting that Lui, the barber, should be honoured. At Jon Burnside’s Leaside Town Hall meeting, others, including my husband, signed the naming sheets I had available, in favour of Lui’s Lane. As if that weren’t enough, another suggestion for the same lane was in honour of the Leblanc family, who own a building backing into the lane on Eglinton.

And still no specific names to suggest for the Bayview/Heather lane.

So, where do we go from here?