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Terry Fallis

Memories of Bayview

Growing up at the corner of Parkhurst and Donegall ensured that Bayview was a very familiar strip for me. My mother would do at least some of the family grocery shopping on Bayview. She was a dedicated customer of Rawley’s Meats and Badali’s Fruit Market. In fact, she’d often phone in an order to Badali’s [...]

January 1975 and my first part-time job

The turn of the calendar always prompts thoughts and memories of new beginnings, resolutions kept and abandoned—I’m particularly familiar with the abandoned category—and just how breathtakingly cold it can be in January. At this time of year, I spare a few moments to reminisce about my very first part-time job at a Leaside institution, Gyro [...]

Winter was more fun when we were kids

I’m a believer in the science and the reality of global warming. That’s the engineering graduate talking. But I don’t actually need reams of data, scientific symposia, and time-lapse photographs of diminished glaciers to be convinced. My own memories of Leaside winters suffice to confirm that temperatures are rising. When I was growing up in [...]