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Susan Scandiffio

Dartistry invades Leaside

Until very recently, my knowledge of darts did not extend far beyond hearing (and being able to imitate) the English commentator who would yell, “ONE HUN-dred and AIIII-ty!!!” But the dart world extends far beyond the U.K. and is extremely active right here in Leaside. Before investigating dart culture, it was important for me to [...]

Not your average beer-league basketball players

Pop into the Bessborough School gym any Thursday night, and you might think you’re witnessing a typical group of middle-aged men sweating it out in beer-league basketball. But look more closely and you’ll understand that what you’re really witnessing is the essence of community. The Leaside Basketball Association (LBA) formed in 2004 when Leasiders Jack [...]

Lasting love in Leaside

Retailers love Valentine’s Day. With consumers spending over 18 billion dollars in the U.S. last year, the holiday is a hit for sellers and often a pressure-filled event for buyers hoping to find that “perfect” present. But for couples who have been together a very long time, life isn’t all about flowers, jewellery, and chocolate [...]

Ever made that age-old New Year’s resolution to lose weight? Out of all the New Year’s Resolutions made, an estimated 30 per cent focus on losing weight. But not all make a date to beat the scale. For some, the desire to gain weight is often just as, if not more, challenging. Kenzie Forbes, a [...]

Leaside teens, don’t get into a Jam

For generations, kids have attended outdoor parties. Field, ravine, “bush,” and park parties are nothing new and have been popular activities for Leaside kids looking to let off a little steam. But for this generation of teens, what’s new is the size of these parties and how kids learn about them. With the proliferation of [...]

Wildcats: “You can’t be what you can’t see”

While this might not be the official motto of the Toronto Leaside Girls Hockey Association (TLGHA), it’s an objective the league aspires to meet in all aspects of their organization. With more than 1,600 girls playing hockey at the learn-to-play, house league, and competitive levels, the Leaside Wildcats’ mission is two-fold. The league focuses on [...]

Put down that smartphone and run, bike, hike or walk Leaside

Put down those smartphones and turn off that Netflix. Step away from your homework. (Studies show that exercise increases brain function.) It’s time to run, bike, hike, and walk your way into the hidden gems of Leaside’s own outdoor playgrounds. Ten out of 10 doctors agree that exercise is important for your health and wellbeing. [...]

A wise person once said, “The only way you’ll catch me running is if someone is chasing me!” A wiser person hears about the Monster Dash and can’t wait to run! Or walk. On Sunday, October 29th, batmen, princesses, ninja turtles, and other characters will participate in the sixth annual Monster Dash in Sunnybrook Park. [...]

Two-time Canadian champion leads the Rolph Road School Trailblazers

Torontonians are fortunate to have access to a wealth of trails for hiking, walking, running, inline skating…and for the kids of Rolph Road School, mountain biking. Every Monday, when the weather is dry, the Rolph Road Trailblazers head to the Don Valley trails leading down from the Redway Loblaws and experience the thrills of mountain [...]

June 24th, 2017. National Hockey League Draft Day. As many young hockey players paced the floor nervously or chewed on their fingernails hoping they might hear their names being called by a big league team, Leasiders Jacob Golden and Will Reilly were spending their days somewhat differently. On that Saturday, Golden’s parents had left to [...]

Meet DAVID BRYANT, Leaside’s master of flash

Leasiders have had wonderful local opportunities to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday in the first six months of 2017. With the beautiful red and white tulips outside the Leaside Library, commemorative programming inside the library, special events at the curling club, school art displays and carnivals, to name but a few, the neighbourhood has being showing [...]

Happy 100th, Leaside Aerodrome

In the middle of the First World War, the British Royal Flying Corps was in need of additional pilots, mechanics, and maintenance crews so Canada stepped up. Construction of several training stations, including ones in Armour Heights, Long Branch, and here, in Leaside, were approved. Canadian Wire and Cable, the neighbourhood’s first industry, provided 220 [...]

WANTED: individual for part-time work. Must be in top-notch physical condition, willing to work early mornings and late nights, and able to withstand verbal abuse and a constant questioning of your skills. This may be a job application many would avoid. But under the tutelage of the Toronto Leaside Girls Hockey Association (TLGHA)’s long-time referee-in-chief [...]