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John Parker

Make some noise to fight the airplane noise

Why we need a BIA in Leaside

I got passionate mail – re 262 Bessborough

Chief planner will meet with us April 9

Leslie St. extension is back in discussion

New plans for Talbot field being sought

We must plant the right trees

The man who created the Leaside look

Most spectacular of our big year – the new arena

Protection begins for old Elgie House

Change is breathing down our neck

Now there will be upgrading at Trace Manes

Why Official Plan is a problem

No transition to PO plan

‘Somehow all my fault? Oh well’

My vote is no casino

Give lights a chance

Biggest project in our history

Transit changes will help Leaside

We’ll soon see if we have a battle on our hands

Laird had become a back alley

More work coming to Bayview Ave.