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Cheryl Vanderburg

Dear City of Toronto…

This is why Vanderburg must pick up every piece of garbage

Beware Leaside’s critter litter

Krawchuk Lane and laneway loving

150 years of noise in South Leaside

What would TRACE MANES say?

Leasiders’ basements – all clogged up with nowhere to go

Spring-cleaning, Leaside style – when your stuff has stuff

There’s an app for that!

Put your double-double in the trash-trash

Bag those leaves!

Bayview – pick up that trash

The good, the bad, and the poopy

Take a flyer on those flyers!

I can maybe retire — thanks to all of you

Local sparks campaign against butts

Leaside Community has its fill of dog poop

Car talk became litter talk

A summer’s worth of litter

Finding winter beer bottles

Leaside Life became part of problem

It’s time to do something with graffiti