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In February of 2012, NAV CANADA (an agency responsible for flight operations in Canada) redesigned the arrival routes at Toronto Pearson Airport, which meant a concentration of airplane traffic over Leaside. The flight path over Leaside now accounts for 40 per cent of all arrivals at Pearson. I have heard from residents negatively impacted by [...]

Last month’s article “Art Deco architecture across Canada… and in Leaside, too” missed the former Leaside Railway Station, which has seen better days, but has an interesting history. A brick structure, built in Streamlined Moderne style in 1946, it replaced a wooden structure built in 1894, which was destroyed by fire in the 1940s. Passenger [...]

One of Leaside’s most popular traditions – spring and fall church rummage sales – is changing and may become a thing of the past, according to some leaders of church volunteer groups. The difficulty is a diminishing band of senior women volunteers, the ladies who make it all work. “We can see the sales continuing [...]

As briefly noted in last month’s Leaside Life, the City is back at the Toronto Local Appeal Body (TLAB) defending the Talbot quad threatened with demolition, reversing their withdrawal from the case in October 2017.   In December as LPOA representative, I received an email from the lawyer for the quad’s owner, who had appealed [...]

Robin Nasmith’s Skican-do spirit 

Robin Nasmith may seem an unlikely person to found a ski-based business. He grew up in an Alcan mining town in Northern Quebec, the son of an engineer, and like his father, also became an engineer. Armed with a science degree from Mount Allison and later the Nova Scotia Institute of Technology, he started his [...]

It is quite strange that while there are five un-named laneways in Leaside, only one is creating a lot of interest. Almost too much, in fact. The lane in question is the one running between Sutherland and Laird between Eglinton and Donlea. In the January issue of Leaside Life, Mohring Lane was proposed, in honour [...]

It’s no wonder Pagnello’s Antiques placed first in the “Best Use of Merchandise” category in our recent Holiday Window Decorating Contest since the Pagnello brothers, Michael and Frank, have been accumulating an amazing array of antiques including vintage toys and decorative items for more than five decades. The brothers cut their teeth in the antique [...]

Jon Burnside’s winter roundup

In early February, I held my annual Leaside Town Hall at the William Lea Room. For those who couldn’t attend, here are a few of the highlights: North Leaside Traffic Committee: Based on the success of the survey last summer, the North Leaside Traffic Committee has requested that North Leaside residents be formally polled regarding [...]

Dartistry invades Leaside

Until very recently, my knowledge of darts did not extend far beyond hearing (and being able to imitate) the English commentator who would yell, “ONE HUN-dred and AIIII-ty!!!” But the dart world extends far beyond the U.K. and is extremely active right here in Leaside. Before investigating dart culture, it was important for me to [...]

Where’s the public art?

If you’re wondering if your transit experience will be enhanced by public art displays at Leaside‘s new Light Rail Transit (LRT) stations (Leaside at Bayview, and at Laird) the answer seems to be no! But assuming your journey involves having to change to Line 1 (Yonge/University) at Eglinton Station, you will experience the “Integrated Art [...]

What do the following items have in common: big mounds of dog poop, baggies filled with dog poop, an empty cigarette package and lighter, empty plastic water bottles, a crushed Bud Light tallboy can, numerous hockey pucks, broken hockey sticks, a purple glove, a flyer from a local painting company, a grocery bag, one red [...]

This long and cold winter has kept me indoors more than I’m used to and caused my annual spring fever to kick in earlier. A bunch of fresh tulips usually calms me down, but not this year. Being stuck indoors has made me aware of how few houseplants I now have. A single orchid in [...]

Catching the travel bug at LHS

Two veteran Leaside High School teachers, who between them have been on a total of 28 March Break trips, have joined forces for this year’s trip to Italy and France from March 8 to 19. Ms. Helen Panayiotou, curriculum leader of science, and Dr. Enrico Vicentini, assistant curriculum leader of French and World Languages, are [...]

A passing, and continually contentious issues

I begin this month’s column on a sad note. Tom Rae has died. My LPOA colleague since 1989, Tom was a professional traffic engineer and planner who, before coming to Canada from Scotland, worked throughout the world. He had an international reputation, and generously volunteered his expertise to benefit Leaside. Those of you who have [...]

Inspired by her mother who made clothes for the entire family, a young girl in Tashkent, Uzbekistan started making outfits for her dolls. From dolls it didn’t take long before young Irene Estrin graduated to somewhat larger models. Her expertise and creativity have earned her a reputation as Leaside’s most popular dressmaker. After studying at [...]

Not your average beer-league basketball players

Pop into the Bessborough School gym any Thursday night, and you might think you’re witnessing a typical group of middle-aged men sweating it out in beer-league basketball. But look more closely and you’ll understand that what you’re really witnessing is the essence of community. The Leaside Basketball Association (LBA) formed in 2004 when Leasiders Jack [...]

Memories of Bayview

Growing up at the corner of Parkhurst and Donegall ensured that Bayview was a very familiar strip for me. My mother would do at least some of the family grocery shopping on Bayview. She was a dedicated customer of Rawley’s Meats and Badali’s Fruit Market. In fact, she’d often phone in an order to Badali’s [...]

There is so much information about food and nutrition circulating today that it is easy to get confused about what we should eat. But a local holistic nutritionist, Brent Lockridge, hopes to help Leasiders make more informed choices with his new business, Sustainable Nutrition Consulting. As Picasso said, “The meaning of life is to find [...]

Thank you, Leaside, it’s been a slice

All good things must come to an end. My first Business of Leaside column appeared in the January 2013 issue of Leaside Life. I agreed to contribute a monthly column after Harry Goldhar, former owner and editor, asked if I was interested in writing for the paper. A couple of months earlier, not knowing Harry [...]

The name game: What should Leaside’s laneways be called?

Last issue we put out the call for names for Leaside’s five laneways. We got mail! Badali Alley, Lisa Lebitka Lane, Fishwich Lane, Mohring Lane, Mrs. Park’s Lane – all interesting possibilities for naming the remaining lanes in Leaside.   Badali Alley The suggestion for Badali Alley came from Mark Badali, who lives on Airdrie. [...]

Automated speed enforcement in Leaside – when are changes coming?

Way back in November 2016, Mayor Tory and I were at Northlea School attending Premier Wynne’s press conference for the announcement of the province’s intent to allow municipalities to use automated speed measuring equipment as an enforcement tool to slow down drivers and make communities safer. In the ensuing 15 months, many have asked: How [...]

When the LRT and new condos are completed along Eglinton there won’t be space in our neighbourhood Leaside schools for hundreds of new students. The TDSB may have no other option but to bus these children across the city to schools with room. Why can’t we renovate or add to our existing schools to accommodate [...]

Lasting love in Leaside

Retailers love Valentine’s Day. With consumers spending over 18 billion dollars in the U.S. last year, the holiday is a hit for sellers and often a pressure-filled event for buyers hoping to find that “perfect” present. But for couples who have been together a very long time, life isn’t all about flowers, jewellery, and chocolate [...]

Leasiders who chose to go home again

You can’t go home again, as novelist Thomas Wolfe wrote. Or can you? We spoke to some Leasiders who did just that: The O’Leary and Holt families Courtney O’Leary and her sister Jessica Holt (née Moreland) grew up in North Leaside and attended Northlea and Leaside High School, graduating in 1996. They have fond memories [...]

Art Deco architecture across Canada… and in Leaside, too

What places come to mind when you hear the phrase ‘Art Deco’? The Empire State and Chrysler buildings in New York? The Christ the Redeemer sculpture in Rio? The ‘Detroit Industry’ murals at the Detroit Institute of Arts? The Canada Permanent Mortgage Corporation building on Bay St. in Toronto?  Or perhaps Garden Court Apartments here [...]

41 Sharron: “Leaside is a special place”

“Leaside is a special place…Just “fixing things” (in the application) does not meet the intent of the bylaw”. So stated a Committee of Adjustment (CofA) member before making a motion to refuse the minor variance application for 41 Sharron Dr. at the January 11 hearing. The motion passed unanimously. Recall in last month’s Leaside Life [...]

The LPOA predicts…

We are still close enough to the beginning of the New Year to indulge in a few predictions for Leaside in 2018. My first: the City will once again send out property tax bills right after the holidays (they really know how to say Happy New Year), and once again we’ll be reminded that the [...]