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December 2013

Leaside’s first Athlete of the Year

LORETTA FLAGLER: Sad news of a passing era

Our growth spurt like mid-war boom

Sarah’s BIG record was a huge one

Curling Club averts the loss of its bar

Renewed plaque gets the name right

Students read out plaque’s history

Chicks with Sticks are now paying full fare

In our Hood

See what Leaside has to offer

Macphail Nominations

See Jane and Leaside history

‘As of right’ zoning does not protect us

Goodbye to the golden arches?

New Gyro is eco friendly

My Leaside valley was Adventureland

Letters – December 2013

Only two shopping strips in my old days

Most spectacular of our big year – the new arena

Young women on phone lead police to thief

CNIB bridge to be open next year

Calendar – December 2013

How would Costco customers get there?